Floor Guide

Theater Room

Video about San’in Kaigan UNESCO Global Geopark is played. There are seats for about 30. This room i

Hands-on Learning Activity Corner

Various hands-on learning activities are conducted to understand geological features of rocks and wa

UNESCO Global Geopark Center

Panels to introduce UNESCO Global Geopark in the world and Lesvos Island UNESCO Global Geopark (Gree

Takeno Kitamaebune Museum Corner

Shin’onsen Town mainly around Moroyose port is designated as ‘Japan Heritage’ in 2018. Picture-ship,

Story Corner of San’in Kaigan UNESCO Global Geopark

Geological features related to the formation of San’in Kaigan Geopark and people’s lives who live in

Diorama of San’in Kaigan UNESCO Global Geopark Area

San’in Kaigan UNESCO Global Gopark is stretching from 120km from east to west and 30 km from north t

Rock and Fossils Corner

Various rocks and fossils discovered in San’in Kaigan area is displayed. About 100 sample collected

Shin’onsen Town Corner

8 panels with theme banner to understand San’in Kaigan UNESCO Global Geopark introduce attraction sp

Japanese Geopark Corner

There are list of membership and each information of Japanese Geopark Network. The number of members

Diorama of the Sea of Japan

Diorama of the land and sea around the Sea of Japan is displayed. Visitors can understand the geolog

Disaster Prevention Corner

Video to understand earthquake occurred in North Tajima, North Tango and Tottori in San’in Kaigan Ge

Mineral Sample Corner

Variety of minerals collected from almost all of Japanese mines (Mines are mainly closed now) are di

Event and Educational Display Corner

Variety of presentation about San’in Kaigan Geopark are conducted. Student presentation (elementary

Library Corner

Donated books from Geopark Promotion Council and from people who are involved are displayed. Most of

Rock Sample Corner

The formation of rocks and samples are displayed systematically. We hope they are used to understand

Japanese and World Rock Corner

Rocks collected from Japanese and world major mountain, sand sample and rare minerals like zeolite a

Handicraft Corner

With variety of sand, shell and rock on the shore in San’in Kaigan UNESCO Global Geopark area, visit